How to Pray?

How to Pray?

It is not difficult at all.
If you follow the principles below then you will efficiently and effectively pray.

– If you can talk then you can pray, for prayer is talking/speaking to God from your heart to His heart, and from His heart to your heart. Through prayer we communicate with the living God.

– You learn to pray as you begin to pray – so begin to pray.

– Since we are all unique and therefore completely different, our prayers should be unique and authentic. God likes it when we are authentic in prayers, when we express ourselves in prayers with words coming from the bottom of our hearts, from the real you.
The way I may express myself in prayers may not necessarily be the same way you express yourself in prayers – for we are all unique. However, we all have to follow a certain pattern or model of prayer which Jesus our Lord taught us in the Lord’s Prayer.

1.Always begin praying by thanking God for His goodness, praising Him and glorifying His Holy name.
2. Then make sure you ask God for forgiveness of sins – we all sin in one way or the other. And also forgive anyone who has done you wrong – so that your prayers may not be hindered.
3. Then immediately let your prayer requests be made known to God, through Jesus Christ.
4. Finally close by believing in your heart that God as heard your/our prayers. Amen

click here for Prayers24 – Prayer guidelines for this month and join the rest of the world in prayers. Remember distance is not a barrier. And your prayers make a big difference. It’s time to Pray.

God bless you
Prayers24 Team