Prayers24 guidelines

Prayers24 guidelines

Prayer list for the month of MAY/JUNE 2024

1. Prayers for the Nations
1. Pray for the releasement of Israel 🇮🇱 hostages in Gaza and the war not to escalate but to come to an end
2. Pray for the government, the president, prime minister and all who are in governmental authority – that the will of God prevail in our leaders and governments in Jesus name.
3. Pray for the salvation of the city and the country you live in
4. Pray for peace and bless the Nation of Israel. Pray for peace in warring countries, especially Syria, Russia, Ukraine.

2. Prayers for families
1. Pray for the protection of marriages – pray against the spirit of divorce in marriages.2. Pray for Christians who are single that God grants them partners. Pray against any spirit of delay – pray that they get married on time in Jesus name. And finally pray for the grace and love of God for all widows and widowers in Jesus Name
3. Pray for the children that they may grow in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that they should not be influenced by the spirit of this world.
4. Pray for those who have lost their beloved ones, that the Father may bring comfort through the Holy Spirit.

3. Prayers for the Church
1. Pray for grace and strength for the pastors and elders of your church
2. Pray for love and unity in the churches
3. Pray for fresh fire in the church
4.Pray that God awakens the churches that are sleeping.

4. Prayers for life threatening events
1. Pray for all those who are critically sick and those who are at the point of death – pray for healing and resurrection power in Jesus Name
2. Pray for prisoners who are imprisoned without a cause – pray for justice to prevail, pray that they be released in Jesus Name!
3. Pray for all those who are kidnapped and risk losing their lives – pray that justice may prevail, pray that they be released in Jesus Name!

5. Pray for one another
1. Pray for one another
2. Pray for all those who are physically sick.

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